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SoftwareDEMO in 45 seconds

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SoftwareDEMO supports the sales process in two areas. From the provider’s viewpoint, presenting the product is made significantly easier, while prospective buyers have a fast and easy way to convince themselves of the product’s advantages by means of an online test:

Vertriebsprozess mit SoftwareDEMO

Present software online

In the initial stage of customer acquisition, it is difficult to gauge a prospective buyer’s intention to make a purchase. The effort that is expended to convince a customer of a product is usually high. With SoftwareDEMO, you can present and provide your software online, offering the prospective buyer an extensive insight into your program.

  • Your sales team always has an overview of the time and costs required
  • Expand your sphere of action: Address your customers even when they are abroad
  • Prospective buyers with lower earnings forecasts become interesting because the outlay for acquisition is reduced

Test software online

Your potential new customer has a long-term interest in your product: SoftwareDEMO provides the option to test your software on the Internet easily and in real time under genuine conditions. At the same time, you can assess, measure and check your tester’s potential and interest.

  • The prospective buyer can test the product immediately online without any effort
  • The purchase decision process is shortened
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