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More leads and less rejection with SoftwareDEMO supported sales

REINER SCT uses SoftwareDEMO as a sales cloud for their time tracking system timeCard. Not only do sales staff benefit from the centralized presentation option, but potential buyers can also test the software directly and without technical barriers.

Initial situation

REINER SCT has been developing, manufacturing and selling readers for chip cards since 1997. The company from Furtwangen in the Black Forest specializes in home-banking security solutions for banks as well as time tracking and access control systems for small and medium-sized companies. In view of its expertise, the Black Forest company is also first choice for projects in the public domain – REINER SCT developed the chip card readers for the new ID card.
The company is globally active and employs 45 members of staff at the Furtwangen site.

Integrating SoftwareDEMO into the business process

REINER SCT places its trust in SoftwareDEMO for selling the timeCard time tracking system. Both potential buyers and sales partners benefit from this.

REINER SCT sales region managers and sales partners can present the software from any computer and any location without any installation. And potential buyers can access the timeCard online demo just as easily from anywhere. Potential buyers can create their own data records or use the integrated example database with sample postings for one year. With SoftwareDEMO, it is possible to test the entire range of functions for the time tracking software including statistics and monthly overviews.

Thanks to the excellent lead generation, all the requirements and demands for the best possible customer satisfaction can be achieved quickly. Together with the SoftwareDEMO support team, REINER SCT set up a complete test environment within a very short time and integrated the access into the company’s own corporate design.


The number of potential customers leaving between testing the software and the purchase decision was significantly reduced through the use of SoftwareDEMO. Demand for the previous testing options, such as downloads and demo CDs, decreased significantly.

SoftwareDEMO proved to be a real stroke of luck for us. We have seldom experienced such an uncomplicated and expedient collaboration with an external IT company that has led to such great success.

Robert Eichhorn, Marketing and PR Manager at REINER SCT

The total number of leads, on the other hand, has risen. These are now gained almost exclusively through SoftwareDEMO. We were able to make the internal processes more streamlined and faster.


SoftwareDEMO has directly contributed to the company’s success in a measurable way. Not only have we been able to reduce running costs, but the number of concluded contracts has increased. Simple handling and a high rate of acceptance among potential buyers make SoftwareDEMO a valuable sales tool that combines the benefits of cloud computing in a solution for medium-sized companies.

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