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SoftwareDEMO supports the customers’ sales process.

CAS Software AG puts the sales of their CRM software CAS genesisWorld in the hands of an international partner network. SoftwareDEMO supports the consultants with the appropriate presentation and test environment. The impact this has on discussions with customers can be seen through a look at the use in practice.

Initial situation

CAS genesisWorld is among the best known and most used CRM solutions in Germany and Europe. Weltweit nutzen 200.000 Anwender die Software, um Kundenbeziehungen in mittelständischen Unternehmen, Organisationen und Bildungseinrichtungen professionell zu pflegen.

The CRM solution provides classic applications for sales, marketing and service. Collaboration is secured across departments by means of groupware functions. Furthermore, the employees have access to a help desk, ticketing system, intranet and project management. Mobile apps are available for smartphones and tablets.

In addition, CAS genesisWorld is particularly flexible – the software is constructed using modules and can be scaled freely. This allows customers to freely select and use precisely those functions that they actually need.

Integrating SoftwareDEMO into the sales process.

In the area of sales, CAS Software AG cooperates with around 200 IT system houses in 24 countries. As a certified CAS Partner, these companies are trained in the use of software, independently of a specific industry, and receive operational support by means of SoftwareDEMO.

With SoftwareDEMO, CAS genesisWorld is installed on a centrally maintained, virtual master. This means the sales partners have access to the latest software version of the CRM solution for presentations. This provides two benefits at once. The customer can see the software in action directly during a sales presentation with no need to install or download it. In addition, a potential customer can test the application personally by means of a temporary access.

Maintaining this demo and test system is incredibly easy: the sales partners have their own administration areas in which they save their individual presentations. Only CAS Software AG, as the manufacturer, has full access to the master version.

“The risk of different or outdated versions is excluded from the very start,” explains Stefan Hörz from DT Netsolution GmbH. “When a partner starts his or her presentation, a copy of the current master is automatically created.” The advantage: all sales partners can work simultaneously with the aid of SoftwareDEMO, as each partner receives an individual copy of the master and can present this autonomously during discussions with customers.


CAS partners as well as potential buyers and customers benefit from SoftwareDEMO – especially prior to purchase decisions: “For companies, the integration of a new CRM system into the existing IT landscape is a long-term investment, which is why the live software test is decisive in many cases,” Stefan Hörz adds: “Thanks to SoftwareDEMO, the test can be performed directly in the customers browser in just a few clicks and with full functionality.”

The administrative effort for CAS Software AG is low, because as soon as an update is available for CAS genesisWorld, it is installed as a new master and is available to all sales partners.

SoftwareDEMO supports our partners noticeably. The internal workload is significantly reduced.

Marcus Bär, Member of the Board of Management at CAS Software AG

All sales partners have their own, closed administration area. This guarantees that the partner only has access to acquisition projects that are relevant for him or her.


The use of SoftwareDEMO in CAS Software’s partner network shows how the solution can be seamlessly integrated into complex sales structures and has a positive influence on acquisition directly at the customer’s premises. With the many administration and hierarchy levels, large companies can recreate almost any constellation in a practical and secure manner. “SoftwareDEMO supports our partners noticeably. The internal workload is significantly reduced,” reports Marcus Bär, member of the Management Board for CAS medium-sized business, based on practical experience so far.
The combination of the core function and the provision of a virtual test environment make SoftwareDEMO the ideal sales instrument for software products.

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