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Software training in the cloud with SoftwareDEMO

With SoftwareDEMO, provide a complete cloud-based training infrastructure that drastically reduces your training workload. Reduce the main cost factors significantly by providing training participants with a centrally managed virtual work environment.

Each training participant needs his or her own workstation on which the training software is fully installed and up to date.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

Trainings are held in local training centers, participants have to emerge

This is the only way each participant can access the software

It’s the trainer’s job to provide full working environments

With SoftwareDEMO:

Trainers assign pre-configured virtual machines to training participants

Thanks to the Master Clone function, they only have to do this once

At the touch of a button, all participants receive their own complete work environment as a clone of the master

Your advantage for trainings and schooling:

  • Training participants do not need to be on site
  • Work environment is supplied automatically
  • Simple scalability

During a training session, trainers need to be able to communicate with the training participants and access their work stations.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

During training sessions via desktop sharing tools, participants do not receive a virtual work environment

They therefore have to work on a local computer

Maintenance and updates are complicated

With SoftwareDEMO:

Participants receive a preconfigured virtual working environment

Acces is possible from every computer

Trainers access participants’ virtual environments and can provide help

Your advantage for trainings and schooling:

  • Connect to the participants’ desktops
  • Full access for direct support
  • Simple administration via a management console

SoftwareDEMO can also be used after the training session for individual learning. Documents and practical exercises are stored in the joint file archive, which participants can then solve and submit to the trainer to correct.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

Training participants can only access the software during the training

Projects and exercises cannot be edited

It is not possible to do “homework” after the training

With SoftwareDEMO:

Training participants access SoftwareDEMO from any computer

Users therefore complete homework conveniently at home

In addition to the private data archive, public data areas can also be set up

Your advantage for trainings and schooling:

  • The platform can also be used after the training
  • Distribute, edit and submit practical exercises
  • Access from any computer

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