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SoftwareDEMO in 45 seconds

Software development in the cloud

This is where SoftwareDEMO supports your software development by outsourcing the IT test environment to the cloud. Quickly and easily provide your developers with test systems to configure. Integrate as many external testers as you like and perform meaningful betatests and usability tests.

Administrate your software directly in the cloud. Provide a new user environment with all applications and data within a few seconds.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

Providing a test environment is time-consuming and expensive

Countless computers need to be purchased, configured and maintained

This gives rise to high fixed and running costs

With SoftwareDEMO:

Test your software on virtual application environments in the cloud

Define individual system configurations with various hardware and software resources

The virtual machines behave just like “normal” computers

How your software development benefits

  • Fewer resources required
  • Lower costs
  • Test systems can be scaled as required

Usability tests are only meaningful if enough testers have tried out the product. This requires major organizational work, because access needs to provided to a large number of external users.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

External testers cannot be integrated quickly

Without a central administration system, each test environment needs to be set up again

Tester must be present to access the computer

With SoftwareDEMO:

A new user can be created in just a few clicks

Testers can access the test environment from any computer using their personal access rights

Master Clone function gives you a fresh virtual desktop each time you log in

How your software development benefits

  • Centralized server and user administration
  • Each tester has their own environment
  • Access for testers is possible from any computer
  • As many user accounts as required

While testing all applications have to be set to their initial state easily in case of a crash. This is how testing can alway be performed under the same conditions.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

Users change the system and even can break it

All tests run under different conditions

Only by reinstalling all software you can start again from the beginning

With SoftwareDEMO:

As soon as a tester logs in, his environment is set to the original state

Testers receive a fresh system where they can even crash his applications without any impact to the next login

Personal data is persistent

Your advantage for betatesting and usability tests:

  • System restores with a new login
  • Data is stored and stays persistent
  • Master is not touchable for users

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