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SoftwareDEMO in three steps
Three easy steps to SoftwareDEMO

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Each SoftwareDEMO package consists of the elements basis, resources Login and enhancements, in which various functionalities are defined. You can also find this structure in the configurator.

The SoftwareDEMO Basis is always the same and contains an administrator, 100 users and 20 GB Internet transfer volumes. Based on this, you can equip SoftwareDEMO with ressources and logins in every way your need.

With master clone pools, you can use the inbuilt SoftwareDEMO technology to configure a virtual master computer. This serves as a basis for all the user computers. As soon as a user logs in, a clone is created, which is discarded again after the session. This way, you only have to invest the time once when configuring your cloud environment. This technology is particularly suitable for software tests, training and presentations.

We offer Hosted vServer as a conventional hosting solution. Configure the dedicated server, which you can, for example, use as a terminal server with the SoftwareDEMO management console, according to your requirements.

Of course, you also have the option to integrate your own dedicated server or that of a third party into SoftwareDEMO.

Select from the login technologies HTML5 and Java. Define the number of concurrent accesses and a user based (Flex- and Fix-Login) or time based (Time-Login) billing. Time based billing is recommended for SaaS usage.

There are numerous enhancements for the various possible uses of SoftwareDEMO.

Select your number of administrators and the user accesses. Create a file server for saving data or book video recording of the user sessions. You can also enhance SoftwareDEMO with a dongle server, API access, Office packages, multiple languages and your own login portal.