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Why concerns regarding cloud solutions are often unfounded – a response to the current BITKOM study

More and more companies are relying on cloud solutions for day-to-day workflows. Nevertheless, many decision-makers have reservations about the data cloud, as BITKOM discovers in the current Cloud Monitor. Based on the example of SoftwareDEMO, the cloud-based sales platform, these doubts can be dispelled.

Although the current BITKOM study shows a clear trend toward the cloud, the number of skeptics is growing. The objections are always the same and, in most cases, they are completely understandable: many businesspeople are reluctant to use cloud solutions due to fear of data loss and knowledge theft. The IT sector is particularly sensitive, because here, knowledge is the most important capital. Concerns regarding data protection and compatibility are raised again and again.

The example of SoftwareDEMO, the cloud-based sales platform, shows that many fears are unfounded if you choose the right partner for the cloud solution. SoftwareDEMO gives software manufacturers their own platform on which to present their products. Prospective customers can test products in the cloud without having to install them. Event at this point, it is clear how important the topic of security is: manufacturers need to be able to trust that their software – their knowledge and capital – will not end up in the hands of unauthorized persons.

SoftwareDEMO solves this requirement by processing and storing all data on servers in Germany. The data is thus subject to strict German data protection law. Although testers have full access to the software’s range of functions, they cannot change it in any way or make illegal copies of entire programs. This is solved by providing prospective customers with a virtual user environment on which they can work independently of their own computers. This user environment is displayed on the tester’s screen, but runs in SoftwareDEMO’s computer center. The programs and user data therefore never leave the secure environment.

SoftwareDEMO can also dispel any fears that businesspeople may have with regard to compatibility: administrators can configure and adjust the user environment however they like. Here, too, the motto is: if the administrator can run it then the clients will also be able to work with the software. Clients log in via the web browser, using either Java or HTML5. The only requirements for using SoftwareDEMO are therefore an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser. The client’s local system configuration is completely irrelevant.

SoftwareDEMO can be used as an example to show that choosing the right cloud partner is particularly important. It is important to know whether the provider has experience of companies’ requirements and needs with regard to cloud solutions. Solutions that have been tested in the market, in particular, have excellent security infrastructures and compatibility.

Download the full press release
(PDF), Stuttgart, February 22, 2013

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