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Benefits for your customers

Not only your sales team profits from the advantages of softwaredemo. Your customers experience a new and easy way to access your products with an online softwaretest:

When customers are looking for a software solution, they want to enter the test phase as soon as possible and not have to spend days waiting for a demo version.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

After ordering a demo version, several days pass before it arrives

Prospective buyers want to test the product at the time they are actively dealing with it

Purchase decisions are delayed

With SoftwareDEMO:

Customers receive their login data via email and can start immediately

No installation and download necessary

Briefing and support via remote access

Benefits for your customers

  • Software can be used immediately
  • No physical data carrier
  • No lengthy downloads or installation

Many companies have a restrictive download and installation policy. This is often unavoidable in order to protect company networks against malware and data theft.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

Prospective buyers can only install software once the network administrator releases it

In particularly sensitive company networks, installation is not permitted at all

There is no guarantee that the software runs correctly on the customer’s computer

With SoftwareDEMO:

The software runs on virtual machines which guarantee funcitionality

Users access via web browser

Security policies are not breached

Benefits for your customers

  • No third-party software on the company network
  • Access via web browser
  • Can be used from any PC
  • Secure protection against malware and Trojans

B2B software often consists of complex environments. To make the software work integration of databases, application server and dongles is required.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

Users do not use the software because they cannot provide complex environments

Efforts for additional infrastructure are high

Users have to deal with technical integration before even testing the software

With SoftwareDEMO:

Users receive not only the software but the full run time environment in the cloud

There is no administration effort for the user

The environment is completely configured and ready to run

Benefits for your customers

  • All functions are available
  • Complex environments
  • Data storage
  • Several employees work on the same data records