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Software sales in the cloud with SoftwareDEMO

With SoftwareDEMO, your software sales team will work more efficiently while saving costs. We would now like to show you which items our cloud-based sales solution addresses:

Your software sales team needs to provide customers with intensive support. Between the initial contact and the purchase decision, a great deal of persuasion work is required, which costs time and personnel.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

Your sales manager presents and negotiates on site

Travel and accommodation costs are generated and must be proportionate to the expected revenue

No purchase decision is made so far – the risk is yours

With SoftwareDEMO:

Your software is presented online using SoftwareDEMO.

Your software sales team and the prospective buyer share a view of the user interface

Your employee guides the prospective buyer through the application and answer questions directly

How your software sales team benefits

  • Lower personnel and travel costs
  • Take care of your perspective buyers immediately
  • Unlimited sphere of action
  • Customers with low expected sales volume become attractive

Once the prospective buyer indicates an interest in your software, the test phase begins. Provide customers with a test product in the simplest possible manner and allow them to perform tests that are as close to reality as possible.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

When you send a demo on a data carrier, time passes

With postal distribution you lose control of your software

Download and installation of software is prohibited in most companies

With SoftwareDEMO:

Customers test your software immediately without installing anything

Alle Daten sind auf unseren Servern gespeichert, so ist maximale Sicherheit und höchste Mobilität gewährleistet

Die Software steht sofort zum Test bereit und ist trotzdem vor Missbrauch und Vervielfältigung geschützt

How your software sales team benefits

  • Test with no download, installation or waiting time
  • Complete range of functions
  • Software is available from anywhere
  • No transfer to third parties

For the software sales team, it is important to evaluate the testing of an application. This is how the possibility of an acquisition can be estimated much more precisely.

Without SoftwareDEMO:

You are not present when your prospective buyer tests

The prospect has no support

Evaluation is possible only by means of a follow-up discussion, which again costs you time and personnel

With SoftwareDEMO:

You are notified automatically when users log in

If required, you can access the software live and help with problems

Furthermore, the usage time is logged and, if required, a video recording generated

How your software sales team benefits

  • Find out usage time and create video recordings
  • Reveal weaknesses in your software’s usability
  • Support your customers while testing
  • Better prediction of purchase decisions

Discover the benefits that SoftwareDEMO provides for your customers, too.