User-specific test systems and test data

Use environment variables to control how a user’s virtual machine is configured on starting up. This allows you to adapt the virtual environment to your users individually. Environment variables determine which program is started or which links are copied to the desktop of the virtual machine. Using these, you can expand or limit the functionalities of your SoftwareDEMO environment for specific user groups.

Apply a user’s personal data and show this on the desktop as a greeting. It is also possible to import the personal data from the file server directly into the software. This allows users to start working immediately without having to move any data themselves.

Free fields for defining environment variables

In the SoftwareDEMO management-console, you assign individual users or user groups environment variables using free fields. You either define the values of the variables manually, or automatically when a new user registers via your website.

Use case:

You provide software for specialist craft companies. You thus create a free field called “craft”. When a specialist craft company registers on your website, its users will see a list in the registration form in which they can select the craft – for example with the entries “roofer”, “stucco plasterer”, etc. Each user is assigned to a special craft which is determined by a environment variable.

Agent for performing actions

When a user’s virtual machine is started, the environment variables are evaluated and initiate the actions you defined. This is done by an agent, which performs various actions and programs by means of batch files when a user logs in or out. It accesses the environment variables for this.

Use case:

As a provider of specialist craft software, you use the environment variables that are transferred on logging in to specify which program version you start for the craftsman: the industry variant “roofer” or the industry variant “stucco plasterer”.

In the batch files, you can copy data and links to the desktop or into the auto start directory of the virtual machine, provide specific data for SoftwareDEMO’s AppLauncher or install industry-specific data and documents for your software.

Define a user-specific environment

If your users have different requirements, you can use applications to specify different appearances of the virtual machine. Here, you define various window sizes, windows with or without task bars and different rights for accessing the Internet. You can also link these applications with free fields, giving you extra flexibility.

Also see Freely adjustable appearance.

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