Multi-level rights and role model

Assign each of your employees a pre-configured administrator profile depending on his or her tasks. The administrator profile determines the read and write authorizations and hides all functions that are unavailable.

This allows you to protect the system against incorrect use and unauthorized manipulation. Each employee sees only the area of SoftwareDEMO that he or she requires to work. For example, the profiles “help desk”, “sales” and “system administration” could provide a typical subdivision.

The roles can be given hierarchies

An employee from your company (an administrator) is assigned to support each new user in SoftwareDEMO. Each administrator is assigned to a role which defines his access to SoftwareDEMO functions and users. Administrators can only access “their” users or users of roles subordinate to them. This is how you can map your internal structure.

Use case:

Software manufacturers sell their products worldwide via subsidiaries, which in turn work with external distributors. In this case, the role model in SoftwareDEMO may look like this:

  • sales_central
    • sales_germany
      • distributor_germany_A
      • distributor_germany_B
      • distributor_germany_C
    • sales_france
      • distributor_france_A
      • distributor_france_B
      • distributor_france_C
    • sales_usa

Administrators with the role “distributor_germany_B” only have access to the users who are either assigned to them personally or to other administrators with the same “distributor_germany_B” role. However, the administrator does not see users of administrators with the role „distributor_germany_C“.

Administrators with the role “sales_germany” see all users who are assigned an administrator with the roles “distributor_germany_A”, “distributor_germany_B” or “distributor_germany_C”. However, they do not see users of sales divisions in France and the USA.

An administrator with the role “sales_central” sees all users worldwide.

Release rules for clearly differentiating access

Release rules that you can link to each role provide even more options:

  • You can specify that administrators with a certain role can only provide their customers with specific programs and test configurations.
  • Prevent administrators with a certain role from modifying or deleting data in specific areas.
  • You can ensure that administrators with a certain role can offer their customers specific licensing models only. For example, if you set a maximum period of use for software of 30 days, a lower-level administrator cannot simply increase the period of use to 60 days for certain customers without having the appropriate rights.

With the roles and hierarchy functions of SoftwareDEMO, you only give up control of the system to the necessary extent.

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