Integration of dedicated servers

A major benefit of SoftwareDEMO is the flexible integration of dedicated servers. This allows you to decide where your software runs and where user data is saved.

Integrate your own servers

If you already have your own test servers, you can integrate them into SoftwareDEMO in just a few clicks. Access is via the IP address and is protected via various security protocols. This gives you complete control of your virtual server landscape and the data saved on it, because everything is located at your company. Furthermore, you can respond quickly to changes or increased demand.

Map complex systems

Your software accesses various infrastructure elements, such as Sharepoint and SQL Server. Even these complex structures can be mapped easily by integrating dedicated servers. You select the configuration of the individual components in order to provide the tester who logs in via SoftwareDEMO with a high-performance user environment.

Cluster and load balancing for optimal capacity utilization

You can group several dedicated servers in clusters. You thus create a container from which new users are each assigned a free machine when they log in. To optimize capacity utilization, we have integrated a load balancer that can be used to select various capacity utilization algorithms. This allows you to balance out peak loads with ease.

Lower latency with worldwide access

A major benefit of integrating dedicated servers is the reduction in latency. These connection delays occur when a user’s computer is a great distance away from the computer center in which the server is hosted. Software providers can now use dedicated servers in computer centers across the globe for SoftwareDEMO. This means that when a user in Australia tests a product, SoftwareDEMO connects him or her to a dedicated server in an Australian computer center (provided one is set up).

There are various methods for integrating external machines into SoftwareDEMO;

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