Installation-free usage

Users do not need to download or install anything to work with your software. Access is provided via user registration on your website. The software is then transferred online to the tester’s screen.

Your software runs on a server in our computer center. Alternatively, you can also use servers from third-party providers. Users access your software online and receive all output in real time. Essentially, they use a computer within their web browser.

Furthermore, as the system administrator, you do not need to install any software on your computer either. The SoftwareDEMO management console runs on our server.

Everything runs on virtual machines

The SoftwareDEMO application servers run in our computer center or on the premises of a third-party provider as virtual machines on RedHat KVM. We use Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) and a Java applet for communication between client and application servers. Alternatively, users can access a virtual machine directly via HTML5.

With this solution, it doesn’t matter what operating system or hardware users have. Your software always runs under controlled conditions. Users can log on from a computer with a Windows operating system as well as one with a Linux, Mac OS or Android operating system. Your customer is not constrained by hardware requirements either. Generally speaking, if your software runs on the server, your customer can work with it.

Updates are provided centralized

If you release a new version of your software, all you need to do is update the master copy. When users log in again, they then receive the new version automatically. If the software on the master is up to date in the data center, the data that your customers and employees see will also be up to date.

No specific system requirements for users

Because SoftwareDEMO is launched from a browser and communicates via standard ports, your users’ Internet connections do not have to meet any special requirements. They simply require HTTPS (secure Internet connections – port 443) and WebSocket (if access via HTML5 is required). Proxies and firewalls must not hinder communication. It is even possible to integrate a local printer. The only requirement in order to do so is that the current version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program is installed.

System requirements for your software

You can install and run all programs that are compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. SoftwareDEMO has Windows Server 2008 R2 as standard.

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