German security standards

SoftwareDEMO is a service provided by DT Netsolution GmbH, based in Stuttgart. Auch das Rechenzentrum, in dem Master-Clone-Pools und Hosted vServer laufen, liegt in Stuttgart. SoftwareDEMO and the computer center are therefore subject to German law, in particular German data protection law. German data protection law sets out some of the world’s strictest requirements with regard to the protection of personal data.

With SoftwareDEMO, although your data and programs are “in the cloud”, they are subject to controlled and secure conditions.

Authentication and precise access rules

Access to SoftwareDEMO is protected by means of a user name and password on both the user and administrator side. Each user and administrator has their own access data. As the main administrator, you can grant different access rights to each of your administrators. On the user side, you can specify which directories on the file server a user sees and what that user’s read and write permissions are.

Secure connection (HTTPS, SFTP) protects against hackers

Connection to the platform is always encrypted. This not only covers the log-in process, but also the transfer of screen content. For data transfer between users and files servers, you can choose between encrypted transfer via SFTP or unencrypted transfer via FTP.

Firewall and proxy against unwanted access

SoftwareDEMO is protected by a central firewall. The individual machines are partitioned by an additional firewall. Access is not possible from one virtual machine to another. On the virtual machine, you can block or release Internet access individually. You can even limit access to single websites via proxy.

Computer center reliability thanks to modern technology

Our computer center guarantees maximum availability of the latest standards. This includes a fire-protection system, duplicate uninterruptible power supply with an emergency power generator and redundant hardware. In addition, the computer center has a redundant Internet connection via two separate building access points to the backbones of two different providers, secure, two-tier data storage in central storage systems (SAN) at two separate sites, weekly system platform backup and daily data backup.

The computer center has physical access control. Access to the computer center is granted only to the relevant authorized persons after personal identification.

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