Freely adjustable appearance

Adjust the preset design and dialog texts of SoftwareDEMO to your company’s CI. We would be happy to support you in this.

Login and registration can be adjusted to company CI

If you would like to adjust the login page and registration forms to match your CI, you can use the integrated design kit to adjust all styles and texts to meet your requirements. You can integrate the login page into an iframe on your website. This prevents users from seeing that they leave your website in order to log in.

Furthermore, we provide you with a JavaScript API which you can use to control the system and respond to events independently.

Adjust virtual machines any way you like

Naturally, not only can you control the appearance of the login process, but you can also individually design the virtual machines that the users work on:

  • Select from different operating systems and install all the programs that you wish to provide your users with
  • Decide whether SoftwareDEMO is run in full-screen or window mode
  • Configure the SoftwareDEMO agent so that applications are started when the user logs in and are available immediately
  • With the integrated AppLauncher, you provide your users with a simple tool for quickly starting various applications directly from the desktop
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Your consultant

Axel Eulitz DT Netsolution

My name is Stefan Hörz. I am your SoftwareDEMO consultant. Feel free to send me your questions and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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