File server with persistent data

SoftwareDEMO provides various technologies. In the case of external dedicated servers and Hosted vServers, the data that users work with is retained. However, in the case of master clone pools, the user environment, and therefore all data, is deleted after each session. By connecting a file server, you create an archive for data that your users can access even when they log in again. This function is particularly important for SaaS use.

From the user’s perspective an additional drive

For your users, the file server is simply an additional network drive that is connected automatically when logging in. Here, data is written or read in the directories activated for this purpose.

Private or group access

Normally, users can only see their own data. However, you can also assign directories to a whole user group. In this case, all users that belong to a group can access the data. Furthermore, there are global directories that are available to all users.

Naturally, you can also combine access models and assign each user a personal data area.

Read and write access rights can be freely defined.

As the administrator, you can define for individual users or entire groups whether a directory can only be read and written on internally from the virtual machine or externally – via SFTP access.

With the read and write internally setting, the data on the file server does not leave SoftwareDEMO. Uploading and downloading are not possible from an external computer. Create a completely closed and secure environment within SoftwareDEMO.

This is not the case if you allow external access: If you allow external read access only, users can transfer data created in SoftwareDEMO to their own computers. If you allow external write access only, it is possible to import and edit data into SoftwareDEMO externally, but not to download it again. In the case of full access, data exchange takes place in both directions.

Data exchange via SFTP

The exchange between a user’s local computer and SoftwareDEMO is performed via SFTP, via FTP or when accessing via HTML5 simply via drag & drop within SoftwareDEMO.

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