Each user has his or her own virtual machine

SoftwareDEMO provides various technologies. In addition to dedicated hosted versvers, there are also master clone pools. When a user logs on to SoftwareDEMO, the copy of the master desktop is generated and provided to the user as a virtual machine. This user is the only person who works with their clone; other users have their own clones. No user can access the master, which thus retains its defined initial state at all times. If a session is ended, the clone in question is also discarded. If the user logs in again later, he or she receives a new clone of the master.

The fact that users receive a new clone each time has decisive benefits:

  • Each user is always provided with a new installation.
  • Users do not see the current or remaining data of other users. Users work completely independently and undisturbed
  • A user cannot permanently damage an installation through faulty operation or manipulation. By the next time they log in, they have a fully functioning initial system again. Other users are not affected by changes to the configuration

Additional connections for complex systems

Integrate your own dedicated servers and integrate SQL servers, file servers or an exchange server, for example. Your dedicated server does not run on the individual virtual machines, but can be used from all the virtual machines.

SQL databases for individual machines or central data use

As an option, you can install an SQL/Oracle database on your dedicated server, so that all the virtual machines can access it. However, we also provide an SQL database on each virtual machine individually. In this case, the user uses his or her database completely independently of all other users. Data can be located either on the virtual machine (it is then discarded at the end of each session), or in the user’s personal data area, in a user group’s jointly used data area, or in the jointly used data area of all users.

Centralized dongle management

If your software is protected by a dongle, we can connect your dongle to one of our available dedicated dongle servers. We then provide you with the IP address of the dongle server and you just need to configure your software installed on the master so that it accesses the dongle via the specified IP address. The only requirement is that your dongle is network-capable.

Print function on local printers

Although we run your software on a virtual machine in the data center, users can print out data locally on their own printers. This is made possible by means of a PDF file: When a user calls up the “Print” command on their virtual machine, the preset printer driver generates a PDF file that is transferred to the user and opened in his or her browser. The user can print out the file locally exactly as it was created on the virtual machine.

Sound on the user’s PC

Provided you do not turn off the sound on the master, the audio output of your software will be played back directly on the user’s computer. Multimedia content can thus also be run under SoftwareDEMO.

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