Desktop sharing for individual user support

Configure SoftwareDEMO to send you an email notification each time a user starts a session. In addition you can see every active session in the management console.

Interaction in real time

If you would like to interact with users, you can either call them and offer help, or offer them personal support online at the touch of a button via desktop sharing. You have direct access to the active session of the user. There you see the same screen as he does and you can interact in real time. When you move your mouse, the mouse pointer on the user’s screen also moves. When you enter data via the keyboard, this data also appears immediately on the user’s screen – and vice versa.

This is how you present distinctive functions live or support customers when they face problems. After your joint session, the customers can then continue to work with the system independently straight away.

Private sphere despite desktop sharing

Desktop sharing in SoftwareDEMO is based exclusively on the desktop of the virtual machine. Neither you nor your customer see the data from the other programs of the local computer in question.

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