Automated user administration

Create your users manually or fully automatically. SoftwareDEMO provides all the options for this.

  • You can add users manually and give them the access data by e-mail or in person. This is particularly suitable if one-to-one customer contact already exists. You can also create a quota of new users in advance and distribute the access data at a trade fair or via direct mailing.
  • If you would like to minimize your administrative workload, you can integrate an automatic login process into your website. SoftwareDEMO provides you with all the necessary forms to do this, creates the user automatically and send e-mails with the access data automatically. You can set up SoftwareDEMO so that user access is either activated automatically immediately or only after you have verified it manually.
  • You connect SoftwareDEMO to a CRM system, from which you adopt your customer data, or to which you transfer new customers’ data. For this purpose, we provide you with a REST-compliant API.

Automatic creation with user templates

User patterns ease creation of new users. When you create users manually, you can create as many users as you like at once with the help of a user template. User names are then assigned automatically. This is practical if you would like to distribute the access data at a trade fair or via direct mailing, for example.

You also require a user template if you give users the option of independently registering online on your website.

Combining user groups

User groups bring together several users from a specific interest group, branch or company.

User-dependent period of use

Stellen Sie benutzerabhängig ein, nach wie vielen Tagen, Nutzungsstunden oder Logins der Zugang eines Benutzers abläuft. Shortly before the period of use expires, you receive an e-mail informing you that a user’s access is about to expire. You can then either contact your customer yourself or configure SoftwareDEMO so that your customers are also informed automatically when their access is about to expire.

Other user-dependent settings

In addition to user access and the period of use, you can make several other settings:

  • Specify which programs are presented to the user, what data is available in these programs and whether SoftwareDEMO runs in full-screen mode or in a conventional window
  • Define read and write permissions for the directories
  • Assign to various administrators user accounts to support
  • Create a hierarchy for server connections to obtain the best possible connection depending on the location

Messages to users

The internal SoftwareDEMO messaging system works in the same way as a web mailer. You can send your users messages from standardized templates or write e-mails yourself. Send e-mail circulars to all your users or speak to individuals specifically.

In e-mails sent from SoftwareDEMO, you can use system variables from the customer data alongside your text, for example a user’s first name and surname. In this way, a personalized form of address is generated for each of your users. Use this for follow-up activities or to inform your customers about new functions or offers, for example.

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