API to connect to CRM and other systems

You can access SoftwareDEMO’s core data from outside using the REST-compliant web service API. Use this API to manage users via your own back-end system.

Two-way communication possible

Using a callback mechanism, events are directly reported to an external web server via HTTP. For example, such an event is triggered when a user logs in or out. This means that a two-way connection between SoftwareDEMO and an external system is also possible. If you connect SoftwareDEMO to your existing CRM system, you grant previously created customers access to SoftwareDEMO without a separate login.

If you want to use an existing registration form on your website for SoftwareDEMO, integrating a small code snippet is sufficient to create the connection to the database. In the other direction, you can create automatic entries in your CRM system whenever a user logs in to SoftwareDEMO.

Protection against misuse

Authentication for access via the API is performed via the user name and password of the administrator. Access to the API can be regulated individually for each administrator. This ensures that the API cannot be misused.

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