Analysis of user activities via video and statistics

Record all the user actions in SoftwareDEMO as screen videos (format: FLV). This allows you to see which important functions a potential customer has not yet tested, for example, so that you can refer to these specific functions later in a one-to-one meeting.

The videos also provide a valuable basis for beta tests and usability studies. They show which functions the users make most intensive use of, how they use these functions and where problems still arise. The videos help the support team to quickly identify potential program or operating errors.

When the video function is activated, SoftwareDEMO records the videos fully automatically, without you having to take care of them. You can select and play each individual video from a list as soon as the user in question has logged out of the system.

The user’s consent is required

The purpose of the video function is not to monitor people without their consent. This is why you have to ask your users for permission to record their sessions. You can do this via the terms and conditions of use when registering, for example. In the event that a user objects to the recording, you can create two applications in SoftwareDEMO, for example: one application for users who consent to videos being record. Here, the videos are then recorded automatically. Another application for users who do not consent to the recordings, in which no video recordings can be made.

Maximum recording time depends on the SoftwareDEMO license

The maximum available recording time for the videos depends on your SoftwareDEMO license. If the maximum available recording time is reached, either no more recordings are made or the oldest video is deleted automatically, depending on the default setting.

Statistical analyses for analyzing usage

Statistical analysis show you which users have worked with your software, when and for how long. You can also group the analyses according to user groups and filter using various criteria. Export in .csv and .xls is possible.

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