SoftwareDEMO provides several functions that make the administration of your own cloud as easy as possible. Not only user comfort but also security and easy usability of the management console are key features.

Installation-free usage

User administration and virtual machines are completely web based. Neither administrators nor users have to install anything on their local computer. Modern web technologies like HTML5 ensure easy and barrier-free access. read more…



User-specific environment

The virtual machines’ environment can be adjusted individually. At the login predefined variables are set, that define which application is started in the virtual machine and to which data the user gains access. These variables can also define the desktop appearance. read more…

Persistent data in the cloud

SoftwareDEMO provides a file server to store data. This file server is visible as an additional drive on which users can work with their data just like with a normal hard disk drive. Administrators set read and write permissions for these directories. read more…



Desktop sharing

Administrators receive a message when users log in to SoftwareDEMO so they can offer assistance. Both switching on the users screen to watch or to take it over is possible. Especially for trainings this feature is very comfortable. read more…


German security standards

Personal data is computed according to the german laws of data protection. All data is stored within German servers. Access is secured by HTTPS encryption. read more…

A virtual machine for each user

Create as many virtual desktops based on a master with the master clone technology. Combine master clone pools with dedicated servers for databases and applications and you can provide a full IT infrastructure with SoftwareDEMO. read more…



Multi-level rights and role model

Administrators profit from a multilevel model for rights and roles. With that particular functions of SoftwareDEMO are only available for distinct administrators. Users that belong to one administrator are only visible for him or her. read more…

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Appearance is freely adjustable

The login portal for users can be easily adopted to the company’s CI. Only minor HTML knowledge is required. Alternatively users can register directly on your website via API. read more…

Automated user administration

Users are registered automatically or manually via API. Administrators can use a predefined user template. This is how big amounts of users can be created within few minutes. read more…

User administration


Video recording and usage data

With video recordings user sessions can be recorded. Evaluation of session data including number of log ins and duration is also available. read more…

Documentation and support

Installation, customization and maintainance for SoftwareDEMO are easy to execute and completely documented. Our support-team consists of well-trained experts.


Integration of external machines

Integration of dedicated servers

SoftwareDEMO integrates dedicated servers outside of its own data center. It doesn’t matter whether it is a local computer or a virtual machine of a third party host. read more…

Connection to CRM and other systems via API

SoftwareDEMO is capable of being integrated directly to a CRM system via API. Each new user can be converted to the CRM, also existing customers get accounts for SoftwareDEMO. read more…