Application cases for SoftwareDEMO

Optimize your software sales with SoftwareDEMO

  • Present your software products in the cloud and allow your customers to test them whenever they like
  • Provide the full range of functions in a web browser with no installations or downloads
  • Use statistics and video recordings to find out more about your customers
  • Set up your sales structure in SoftwareDEMO. Define a separate work area for each employee, in which he or she can manage applications and leads
SoftwareDEMO the Software Sales Cloud

Provide your products as Software as a Service with SoftwareDEMO

  • With SoftwareDEMO, you can use a complete SaaS infrastructure
  • Provide your software in various billing models: According to the number of licenses or the period of use
  • Manage and maintain your solution centrally and save a lot of time on software updates
  • Your software always works for the customer, because all programs run on virtual desktops
SoftwareDEMO the Software Sales Cloud

Use SoftwareDEMO as a test environment for software development

  • Analyze the behavior of your software in autonomous application environments
  • Configure test systems from various hardware and software modules individually according to your requirements
  • Pinpoint weak points in usability, compatibility and performance, analyze video recordings of test runs
  • Integrate external testers into the team without letting your software out of your hands
SoftwareDEMO the Software Sales Cloud

Use SoftwareDEMO for software training in the cloud

  • Provide employees and customers with software training on virtual desktops
  • You only have to configure the training environment once - a cloning process gives each user an individual copy on which he or she works
  • Trainers can access the participants' virtual desktops quickly and easily using the connect function
  • Joint file archive for exchanging training material and results
SoftwareDEMO the Software Sales Cloud

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Free 30-day trial - Use SoftwareDEMO as a cloud platform for software sales, SaaS, training and development. Simply sign up, upload and configure your software and create user accounts. Get your desktop-based software into the cloud!


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