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SoftwareDEMO in 45 seconds

Experience SoftwareDEMO from a user’s perspective

Here, you can find access to various pre-configured ERPs, accounting software and CADs that all run with SoftwareDEMO as a hosted service. Register free of charge to experience SoftwareDEMO from a user’s perspective.

Benefits with SoftwareDEMO

  • Can be accessed from any PC with an Internet connection
  • Data and applications are on one server and are also run there
  • No installation on local computers necessary
  • Any number of users can be integrated into the system
  • Free choice as to whether databases are kept at SoftwareDEMO, third-party providers or in your own computer center

Hosted ERP: ADempiere

ADempiere Open Source ERP

Get to know our hosted ERP cloud with the ADempiere open source ERP. ADempiere accesses an application server (JBoss) and a database (PostgreSQL). SoftwareDEMO enables a connection between the ERP, application server and database and provides the user with a virtual environment in which to use the application.

Hosted ERP: Tryton ERP

Tryton Open Source ERP

Tryton ERP also runs as a hosted ERP cloud and accesses a hosted database. The demo data set is extensive and allows a comprehensive insight into the various functions of the ERP, which can also be operated in the hosted ERP cloud.

Hosted Accounting: GnuCash

GnuCash accounting software

GnuCash Accounting is an open-source accounting software and runs as a hosted accounting cloud on SoftwareDEMO. In this way, you can grant external accountants secure access without any technical obstacles, for example.

Hosted CAD: FreeCAD

FreeCAD CAD software

FreeCAD has all the functions of a professional CAD program. With the SoftwareDEMO technology, even complex and hardware-hungry 3D programs can be operated in the cloud.

Each software that runs on a Windows or Linux based System works in SoftwareDEMO as well. Contact us and we give you all advice you need to setup your own cloud service using SoftwareDEMO


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My name is Stefan Hörz. I am your SoftwareDEMO consultant. Feel free to send me your questions and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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